Friday, August 17, 2012

PCLinuxOS - So cool ice cubes are jealous

PCLinuxOS 2012.06 another member of GNU/Linux family but people who really care about free software shouldn't read this further because its contain many of non-free software and drivers.
So, people who are still here, PCLinuxOS is mandrake based distro and its a rolling release. It comes in KDE, XFCE, LXDE and Full Monty Desktop(KDE with lots of software and nice themeing). I have tested the LXDE  edition and till now I am having fantastic experience.
The iso is 641 MB the installation is fairly simple, boring and a hiccup(I have to restart installer once after selecting the drive). Then get into default desktop which is at 800x600 resolution then I have to manually set it to 1024x768

One thing I liked about PCLinuxOS is the  PCLinuxOS control center is like something you find in windoes .

As you cam see from the screenshot it has nicely categorized menus its much convenient. There is also a button on task bar called Configure your Desktop to configure desktop look and feel.

As far the choice of application comes it comes with a decent selection of apps the media codecs and flash worked out of the box. DeaDBeeF is the music player UMplayer is the default media player. There is also a format convertor.
In office you get Abiword, calibre, Evince ,Foxit(non-free), and libreoffice manger(to download and install libreoffice).
In Internet you get usual Firefox 13 pidgin sylpheed(email client), XChat and gFTP.
In graphics it has GIMP v2.6, gpic, ImageMagick, Xsane(scanning) and LRF viewer.
As far package management is concerned don't ask me its little bit complicated . There is synaptic package manger and installing software from other than official repos is not recommended (Apple like policy ...) although you can install .rpm packages check this.
For Nvidia user there is proprietary drivers and for ATI user there is fglrx drivers also I got realtek Ethernet drivers. One major problem I ran into is connecting through USB 3G modem. I first failed to connect via my NOKIA X6-00 but Huawei modem worked but still there is no Ubuntu like configuration Wizard and I have to figure everything manually.

Conclusion : PCLinuxOS gives you good out of the box experience and you can easily customize it easily. It looks great and also works great. If there is something like Software center it would be better but still everything works fine

PCLinuxOS Homepage

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